Conference & Media Launches

Food and Beverage Menu planning together with meeting budgets is part of the service we bring to each function and event. 

Cocktail  & Corporate Function

Corporate Function or Special Event Cocktail Party - We can supply the catering for you to serve or we can co-ordinate the food and service for the ultimate professional experience

          Buffets &

       Grazing Tables

A Buffet is a great way to host an event whether its for 50 guests or 1500.

The advantages of hosting a buffet is being able to offer a variety of food choices and more relaxed way of hosting an event.

Grazing Tables are designed to suit your food requirements, budget and event theme..... possibilities are endless! 

 Food Styling  &  Presentation

 Finger Food Buffet | Themed Buffet | Dessert Tower | Grazing Tables |
Plated 2-5 Course | 3 - 5 Star Cocktail |
Ultimate Food | Spectacular Presentation 
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